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How To Download YouTube Videos in MP4 Format With A Simple Click

youtubevidYouTube is an amazing place to find cool videos and once in a while, you find a video you would like to download. By adding a simple javascript bookmark to your browser, you can download YouTube videos with just a simple click which is in MP4 format as compared to FLV format which is of a higher quality.

Copy the following code and add it as a bookmark in your favorite browser and click it to download the video on any YouTube video page. Thanks to Google System for such a wonderful script!! Comment and let me know if it’s working for you!! 😀



11 thoughts on “How To Download YouTube Videos in MP4 Format With A Simple Click

  1. Hi Straw – cool – will have to try this out. I’ve been using the Firefox Add-on DownloadHelper, but it saves FLV files.

    If you don’t know how to add this as a bookmark, what I did was bookmark this page, open Organize Bookmarks, select the new bookmark, replace the URL with the above code, and edit the description slightly.

    For FLV files, I used to use Riva player – it comes with a tool for converting FLVs. More recently, I’ve been using KMPLayer as its customizable, does a ton of stuff and supports Real, Quicktime, and other stuff without needing those obnoxious players installed.

  2. hmm – that didn’t work. ‘invalid URL’ message.
    I went to the Google System link and added the bookmark the way they suggested and that didn’t work either – but it went to a new page.

    I tried adding the “&fmt=18” at the end – it reloaded but no MP format available – hmmm – it may not be there for that file.

    Ah – I tried it with something new and widescreen. The bookmark worked (it pops up a Save box) and DownloadHelper also offers the MP4, only without a name. (just video.mp4) Be sure to rename it afterward.

    So the MP4 has to be present for this to work – thanks for the tip.

  3. Thanks again! I explored this a bit and discovered the Firefox Add-on DownloadHelper does offer MP4 files if they’re available. I’ve ignored them as they were always “video.mp4” instead of the named FLV’s.

    This code is another way and I know will be helpful for many with MP4 players.

  4. hi this is very very useful….i would be extremely happy if you (or anybody) else, could post a bookmark that could do this for mp3s… so that i can download songs from youtube as well.. thankyou VERY much in advance. =)

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