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How To Edit And Mess Up Any Website With One Click

editEver wish you could edit and mess up any website? Well, here is a cool and easy trick from my buddy!! To do so, just copy the javascript below, empty your browser address bar and paste the code, then press enter. And now you can start to edit the site!! Really fun, huh? Just take note that only you can see it and the changes will be gone once you leave that site. Comment and let me know some neat and fun tricks that you know about!! 😀

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0


8 thoughts on “How To Edit And Mess Up Any Website With One Click

    1. who needs PBS Kids I do like babies but its to weird.My brother goes on it all the time but i just turn off the website or just exit PBS Kids.I know its mean bu if i don’t like it i don’t like it!!!this is my dream right now. BYE!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!:p!!

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