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3 Quick Ways To Check Your Twitter Ranking/Reach/Authority

twitterWell, you have a Twitter account and you have got quite a number of followers and twits. Now how do you check what is your ranking, rating, authority or reach of your Twitter account??

Here are 3 quick websites that helps you to check how your Twitter account ranks among all the Twitter users as well as some details. All of them don’t ask for your password so it is quite safe to use these sites.

  1. Twitterholic: Shows your rank based or the number of followers you have as well as in your own country. Also includes some neat graphs and trends to show your Twitter stats. Check out their Top 100 lists as well!!
  2. Twitterank: Shows your ranking percentile and confidence level and calculate your Twitter rating based on different criteria.
  3. Twitter Grader: Shows your reach and ranking as well as a “Twitter Elite” which show you top Twitterers based on their calculations. Tweet Cloud is pretty unique too, and shows you what you twit often.

Anyway, if you noticed, all the 3 sites give different results based on different calculations so it is hard to find a definite ranking of your Twitter account. What do you think?? 😀


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