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Hahlo: Sleek Twitter Interface App On Both iPod Touch/iPhone And Brower

hahlo3There are many web apps for Twitter but none of them comes close to Hahlo, a really cool Twitter web app optimized for iPod Touch and iPhone. Hahlo is a a web Twitter client with a slick interface that includes the basic features such as viewing your friend’s and your twits and also allows your to search for twits from the interface itself.

One of the best functions is the “Near Me” function that lets you see twits near your location and get updates of stuffs near you. Also check out Hahlo’s customizable settings and some other neat features integrated in it.

Hahlo is the ideal Twitter web app for your iPod Touch and iPhone. Even if you don’t have any of these, Hahlo is a lot better than the interface and will run well on your browser. Comment and let me know some Twitter apps that you use!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Hahlo: Sleek Twitter Interface App On Both iPod Touch/iPhone And Brower

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