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Skitch: Screen Capture+Image Editing+Image Sharing App

skitchSkitch is the coolest free applications for Apple Mac users ever. Skitch, at its basic allows users to screenshot anything on their with just a few click or through some convenient shortcut keys. And after you get a screenshot, you can do some cool editing to the screenshot image such as adding a drop shadow, adding arrows, cropping and writing text.

When you are done with the editing, you can drag the image to your desktop or anywhere to save or preview it. Best of all, once you signed up for a Skitch account, you can upload the image to the website with one simple click!! To download the Skitch app, signup for an account and go to your settings page to download it!!

Too bad Skitch is for Apple Mac users, the best Windows alternative I could find is Snagit, which has features similar to Skitch but is not free. Comment and let me know if there’s a free Windows alternative to Skitch!! 😀


5 thoughts on “Skitch: Screen Capture+Image Editing+Image Sharing App

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