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4 Free Awesome Open-Source Office Suite Software For Windows And Mac

officeOpen-source softwares are softwares in which their source code are released and available to anyone to view and modify. There are many reason why you might want to use open-source softwares.  Some reasons are that open source softwares are usually free are updated frequently with quick bug fixes due to its source being improved upon by many developers. In this post, we will show you 4 free awesome open-source office suite softwares that are for Linux, Windows and Mac users.

OpenOffice: OpenOffice is an office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux users which is free if you do not have iWork or Microsoft Office. Has rich features which are comparable to the paid office apps and you should really download it. [Mac+Windows+Linux]

NeoOffice: A fork from the OpenOffice and looks more mac-like than OpenOffice and does not require X11 to run. Might be slow on an older Mac. [Mac]

KOffice: Also another Office Productivity application that is free, and has many applications in its bundle. Updates are quite frequent and is worth a try too. More for Linux users compared to mac and Windows users. [Mac+Windows+Linux]

OpenGoo: Online open-source Web Office. Looks great but not recommended unless you are geeky and knows how to install it. [Cross-platform]

That is about all the best free open-source office suite apps out there and is great if you do not want to spent money on buying an office suite app. Let me know other open-source software that you use!! 😀


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