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Long URL Please: Reveal Short URL To Prevent Malicious Redirection

long-url-pleaseShorted URLs are a favorite among Twitter and micro-blogging users. But these shortened URLs have a high level of uncertainty and you will never know where they might redirect you to, such as a malicious or unintended website. That is where Long URL Please comes in really useful.

Basically Long URL Please comes in 2 flavors and forms. The first type is an easy-to install Firefox extension that will show you the original URL of shortened URLs once the extension is installed. And there is the easy way of revealing the longer original URLs with one simple click, through a javascript bookmark.

Copy the javascript below and add it as a bookmark. Then if you want to see the original URL, just click on the bookmark and the original URL will be show in the URL status bar. If you know any more tips and tricks, please drop a comment and let me know!! 😀



7 thoughts on “Long URL Please: Reveal Short URL To Prevent Malicious Redirection

  1. Hey….great site. Thanks for letting me know it exists. I will add you to my blog roll….please do the same for me. Looking forward to reading your updates.

  2. Hey, thanks 🙂 as for me i don’t have any qualms if you want to post tech tips or reviews to mine. You can even post some things that aren’t related to techs also. Like what do you find interesting on your way home from school or travel somewhere.

    You can use my blog as a place for you to unwind and let loose from your blog too. Your thoughts i suggest. Anything. Stories with photos are encouraged. Just NO racism and the whole lot that wordpress said.

    When you have topics bout techs that you want to share with larger audiences, you can post somewhat of a summary of your original post to mine and leave a link of it to yours.

    And i will post snippets of my posts or photos -regardless of what the topics might be- to yours maybe? this way your readers mind and eyes is not strained because they’re intervaled by other light posts. Cuz since you already do the techs stuff. I’ll do the light stuff. But i will post techies things too certainly. How bout that? Or do you have any other suggestions? 🙂

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