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Computer Virus And Trojan: 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Them

virusThe “Downadup” or “Conficker” worm is on the rage and has infected many computers now and this would be the great time to understand more on how to prevent your computer from being infected with these virus and trojan. Once infected, these deadly worms can cause computer crashes and install malware that steals your personal and security information. Here is a quick 5 step guide on how to prevent your computer from being infected.

  1. Turn on your firewall: Turning on your firewall prevent the installation of malware and spyware on your computer significantly and block access of these worms to your computer. A quick guide about firewall can be found at the Microsoft Firewall: FAQ.
  2. Handle email attachments carefully: Never open an email attachment from someone you do not know or any attachment that looks suspicious as they might contain virus and malicious codes.
  3. Avoid malicious websites: Do not go to porn sites or any malicious or suspicious chat forum and websites as they might spread and install malicious. They might ask you to install some softwares that require you to “view videos” or some “essential files”. Don’t ever install these programs unless it is from a trusted site.
  4. Always have the latest Window patches and OS updates: Doing so will patch up any security holes and vulnerabilities, which might otherwise be exploited by computer virus.
  5. Run anti-virus scans regularly: Use an up-to-date anti-virus softwares with the latest virus definition to scan your computer at least once a week to check for virus.

Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you follow these simple steps to keep your computer clean and virus-free. Know any more measures to prevent virus infection?? Let us know!! 😀


3 thoughts on “Computer Virus And Trojan: 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Them

  1. Not only can this virus disrupt your PC, since it can disable your ability to connect to software update sites it leaves you vulnerable to even more malware. You need to disable AutoPlay as well as patch your PC. See:

    1. Im quite sure that if you went to that site you would get a virus as that is the name of a virus so procete with caution

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