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8 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever (Part 2)

ipod-gamesNow that we just shown you 4 fun iPod Touch/iPhone games, we are on to the next 4 free and fun addictive games in this series of posts. A usual, clicking the links below open the iTunes Store URL of the games.

  1. TapDefence: A really fun and amazing strategy game that test your wits and mind through preventing monsters from passing though a gate. Upgrade wisely and place your weapons carefully and it should not be a tough game for you.
  2. Space Deadbeef: 2-D aircraft shooting game that gets increasingly harder as you progresses through the levels. A must-have classic game for your iPod Touch/iPhone. 
  3. Fish Tycoon Lite: One of my personal favorite. This game is a desktop and online game but has also been ported to the iPod Touch/iPhone. It is basically a fish breeding management game that allows you to sell fish and to buy supplies in order to reach your goals.
  4. Aurora Feint The Beginning: A very challenging but fun puzzle game that puts your brain to the test. Slick animations and cool game-play also compliments the game too.

And that is about all the 8 must-have games for this week. From this week onwards, we will be featuring some free fun games and awesome apps every week so stay tuned for more iPod Touch/iPhone reviews by subscribing to us!! 😀


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