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Plugins Mystery: Plugins Coming To

wordpressIf you are using, you would have noticed a new mysterious button recently that says “Plugins” near the middle of your sidebar which apparently leads to a broken link. It might be a glitch or it just might be true. Either way, there should be an update to WordPress soon. But, we really hope that will finally bring plugins to the users here at, which will give us more choices of customizations.


Meanwhile, you might want to check out some WordPress plugins to add to your blog if this feature ever gets added. (we will be looking into free WordPress plugins soon) Anyway, we will be keeping more updates on this. Feel free to subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS or comment and let us know what you think of this post!! D


11 thoughts on “Plugins Mystery: Plugins Coming To

  1. it appears on the admin side bar. yes, it is a broken link. i wonder if the plugins can be applied, really need customization for my blog. looking forward to it!

  2. thank you for the info..the mysterious plugins actually gave me false hope because i was so looking forward to customize my blog the moment it appeared..and of course i was frustrated that it was actually a broken link..hopefully u guys can add it in the blog..thank you..

  3. As a person totally new to blogging and WP I’m delighted to find your post. I’ve been getting mixed up between the resources available for .com / .org WordPress lately. Once I get comfortable with the medium and have access to the cheapest and best hosting service I can afford, I’ll probably migrate to .org for features like these. I’m super poor now being back in school so I’ll probably need to stick to the free version for a while.

  4. Thank you I got my blog about to years ago and I’m going to give it another try. With all the plug-ins that are available, it would be great to have that feature on the free blog.
    Thanks again Form Leonard

  5. Have you added ability to put in a back-up plugin for users? One blogger mentioned using WP backup plugin “Bei Fen” by David Schneide with his blog.
    Can it be used with If so, where would I find it?
    Judi B.

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