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Pingle: Social Networking Comes To The iPod Touch/iPhone

pingleWe love to use since we had a lot of social networking accounts and we needed to update them with as much ease as possible in the shortest time possible and Ping.m was the ideal tool for us. However, we were always on the move and needed to have a mobile to update our status on the move.

So we found Pingle which was an iPod Touch/iPhone app client for and had a great interface to go with it and supports many services such as Facebook and Twitter. [Price:$1.99] But if you want to use free while on the move, here are some free alternatives. First, we recommend the mobile which is a mobile version of with just minimal interface. Or you can check out Nambu, a free iPod Touch/iPhone version of that is free. Feel free to subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS or comment and let us know what you think of this post!! D


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