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New Gmail Feature: 5 Seconds Undo Send Button

gmailGmail has just launched a new great feature that might prove useful to many Gmail users. Say hello to Undo Send, a new feature that lets you undo and stop sending a message that you were intending to send- all in 5 minutes. This might prove very useful for people who have spotted an obvious typo, forgot to attach a file or sent the email to the wrong person.

To start using this new feature, go to Labs and scroll down to find Undo Send and enable it. Now that you enable it, whenever you want to undo a sent message, just click the “Undo” button and you will be back in time- to when you were still writing that email. Seems like Google just keeps pumping new features into Gmail. We will be keeping tabs on more Gmail news. Let us know how this nifty 5 second feature helped saved your day!! 😀


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