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New Twitter AIR Client: Seesmic Desktop Looks Stunning

Seesmic DesktopWe have covered and reviewed quite a few Twitter clients before. Today, Seesmic introduced a new Twitter client that is powered by Adobe AIR. Currently, the Twitter AIR area is filled with many clients ranging from the top apps such as Tweetdeck and Twhirl to other less known apps. As a start, Seesmic Desktop might appeal to heavy Twitter users with its features and slick interface. Users of Tweetdeck may find Seesmic Desktop to be slightly similar in terms of its organization and design.

Currently, it is a Twitter-only client but there may be plans to add other services like Facebook. You can manage multiple accounts as well as share pictures from the app. Seesmic Desktop is currently a preview release and they are still rooms for improvements but already it is proving to be a potential Tweetdeck replacement as seen from Twitter users. To check out Seesmic Desktop, just install Adobe AIR and join the Team Seesmic to download it. We will be keeping more updates on this app so comment and let us know what you think!! 😀


6 thoughts on “New Twitter AIR Client: Seesmic Desktop Looks Stunning

  1. These are great options when you want to have a dedicated application for monitoring twitter updates throughout the day.

    For those times when you just want to quickly “check in” to see what your friends are up to, check out

    It is web based. No login. super simple. and the quickest way to check your friends!

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