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Archive for April 29th, 2009

Socialthing For Websites: The Next Big Thing In Social Networking?

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socialthingSocialthing has been quiet for quite a while with no new developments. But until recently, Socialthing has launched a new services called Socialthing for Websites which is supposed to be an “advanced suite of social networking services” that enable site owners to connect with the readers. Basically, it just means that website owners can just now interact with their readers through social networking- and all that in real-time. All the readers have to do is to sign in with their AIM username and password and gain access to other social services like Twitter and Flickr through AOL’s Open Authentication API as  well as chat with one another through the chat: all of these in a neat toolbar at the bottom of the site. Meanwhile, The Boot is using this service on which you can use it to go for a quick trial. Socialthing for Websites looks highly functional and impressive but it is still in beta to allow more testing and better improvements. Could Socialthing be the next big thing to overtake Facebook Connect in the area of social networking integration? We will let you know once Socialthing for Websites gets out of beta.


Written by straw000

April 29, 2009 at 2:50 pm

EPIC WIN OR FAIL: Time Magazine Names 4Chan Founder Moot As Most Influential Person

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4chan4Chan is at it again. The infamous forum behind some of the most odd and funny memes on the web such as rickrollling and lolcats have successfully hacked the poll on Time to push Christopher Poole, also known as moot by his online alias, the founder of 4chan to the top of the list. Based on the list, moot has almost effortlessly cliched the top of the list with an impressive average rating of 90 and 16,794,368 votes. In comparison, the second person on the list, Anwar Ibrahim only has an average rating of 47 and 2,316,378 votes.


Although Time seems to deny of any hacking involved, we suspect there is a high chance of foul play. What exactly does the words from the first letters of the names in the poll, “MARBLECAKE ALSO THE GAME” sounds like to you? A pure coincidence? And from the look of Time’s post, it seems like the list is already official and moot is now the most influential person. 4Chan has yet again succeed in a massive but well-planned meme campaign against Time and we know that such memes will keep surfacing out for years to come. Epic win or fail? You decide.

Written by straw000

April 29, 2009 at 1:44 pm

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