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Archive for May 1st, 2009

TweetPhoto Goes Live: The Next Big Twitter Photo-Sharing Service?

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tweetphotoWe are always on the constant lookout for the latest and coolest Twitter apps and services. And that pretty much include Twitter photo-sharing services as well. Just recently a new Twitter photo-sharing service called TweetPhoto was launched and after trying it out, we think it might just be the next big photo-sharing since Twitpic. Here is a quick rundown and review of what TweetPhoto is all about.


TweetPhoto was initially in private beta a few months ago but has since gone live on Thursday April 30th and it seems like it was already quite popular in its initial stages. And to give it a test run, just log in with your Twitter username and password and you will be greeted with a simple and neat interface. Then, you can upload a photo, tag it, and tweet it along with a message. From there, you can explore even more awesome functions like viewing other Twitter user’s photo, favorite them and commenting them.

Other additional stuffs included are widgets integration as well as an API which might proved useful to some. Other than that, TweetPhoto proves to be very good and we are already loving it. Be sure to try it out!! You might just love it!! Here is a quick list of features in TweetPhoto:

  • Upload photos by email, mobile or web
  • See who viewed any photo
  • Favorite or retweet any photo
  • Photos are automatically geo-tagged
  • Filter photos by Twitter or Facebook friends
  • Automatically publish photos to Facebook
  • Search photos and see trending tags

Written by straw000

May 1, 2009 at 4:43 pm

New Gmail Feature: Google Search In Gmail Just Made Searching A Whole Lot Easier

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Do you ever feel the urge to google anywhere and at anytime? Now here is one more way you can google: the fast and easy way from inside your Gmail account. Google has apparently launched a very obvious but great function which lets you google from within your Gmail account without ever leaving it. The interface is neat and easy to use and it offers additional features as well. Here is what the Gmail blog has to say:

You can click on a search result and it’ll open up in another window (or another tab) so you can make sure it’s what you’re looking for. Once you’re sure it’s a result you need, moving your mouse over the result back in Gmail reveals a pull-down menu that lets you do stuff with the search result.

What’s in the menu depends on what you’re doing in Gmail:

  • If you’re reading a message, you can start a reply to the message with the search result as the first thing in your reply.
  • If you’re writing a message, you can paste the result, or just the URL into your message.
  • If you’re chatting with someone, you can send the result via chat.
  • You can also always compose a new message to send the search result.

If you have keyboard shortcuts turned on, typing g and then / will take you to the search box when you’re not composing, and Ctrlg will do it when you’re composing (that’s gfor Mac users).


Does that sound neat and useful to you? We sure think so, so if you want to try out this cool addition, be sure to go to Google Labs in your Gmail account and enable it for the google-anytime-anywhere experience!!

Written by straw000

May 1, 2009 at 12:35 pm

Twitter Launches New Interface: Now More Integrated And Functional

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Twitter has just rolled out a new interface that it had been testing for quite a while now which could only be seen by the new Twitter users. But now the interface has been put to the test and has ben launched across all Twitter accounts just earlier  today. The new interface is more functional with updates on two key areas: integrated search and real-time updates. From now onwards, you can track the latest trends on Twitter and when you want to know more about that particular trend, just click on it for a real-time updates of the trends as tweets about that trend. And if you want to know more about that trend, you can save it and it will appear on the sidebar for you to track it later on. Other neat functions include a search box for you to search anything on Twitter without leaving your Twitter page as well as a new sidebar that can be collapsed to make it neater.


With the launch of new and better Twitter clients like Tweetie that offer search integration, Twitter has done a good job with its new interface while keeping it simple and easy to use. Liked the new Twitter interface? Be sure to comment and let us know

Written by straw000

May 1, 2009 at 4:48 am

Reddit.TV: Browse The Hottest Videos And Tweet Them The Easy Way

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Reddit.TV was just launched recently and it is proving to be quite an awesome addition to reddit services. Using reddit.TV, you can browse the latest and hottest video and when you find a video that you like, just hit the thumbnail to watch it. The interface has been kept neat and simple with the few minimal and basic functions like sifting through videos by categories and a “I’m bored” button to see random videos. You can then tweet the video you are watching to your Twitter by clicking on the little blue bird or  comment on the video. Reddit.TV may seems simple enough but it would be nice if you could vote on the video that you were watching on the reddit.TV page. Here is a quick video to show you what it really looks like:

Written by straw000

May 1, 2009 at 2:09 am

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