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New In Google Latitude: Share Your Location On The Go

google-latitudeWant your readers and buddies to know what location you are at- anytime, anywhere? Now Google Latitude, a newly launched Google extensions has just the apps for it, and we are talking about two really neat and interesting applications called Google public location badge and Google Talk location status (beta) which are really easy to use. Just plug your mobile phone in by pointing towards and you are good to go. Here are the details on what exactly Google Latitude does for you:

  • See where your friends are and what they are up to
  • Quickly contact them with SMS, IM, or a phone call
  • Control your location and who gets to see it


The new public location badge lets you publish your latest latitude position to your website or blog after you embed them on your site by putting some code while on the other hand, Google Talk location status lets you share your Latitude location with all your Gmail chat and Google Talk contacts which will update automatically when you are on the move. These applications are only available in the US for now but they should be coming to other countries pretty soon.

Putting aside the usual privacy issues, these apps could just prove useful to people who are reaching out to a large audience on a regular basis while on the move, like someone biking around the world or traveling elsewhere while updating their latest location almost in real-time. And in all that midst of the newly launched Google Latitude, we would be keeping an eye for the latest developments and updates on this cool and interesting app.


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