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Twitter Tees: Threadless To Crowdsource Twitter Tees With Twitter

twitter tees threadlessEver wanted to own a Twitter Tee with your favorite tweet on it? From now on, you can, with the new launch of Twitter Tees by Threadless, an online Tee store starting from today onwards. Threadless is officially partnering up with Twitter in a new online Twitter Tees store known as Twitter Tees by Threadless. Each Twitter Tee will feature notable tweets submitted and voted by Twitter users with art and design by the Threadless design team. For now, there are only 4 tweets for the launch of the site. But it seems like there will be 2 Twitter Tees selected and printed every week after submission and voting by the Twitter community- also known as crowdsourcing. To start submitting your tweets, start logging in with your Twitter account to include your tweet for consideration. Twitter users whose Tweets are selected for printing will receive $500 ($360 in cash and a $140 Threadless gift certificate). In addition, the first nominator of a printed Tweet will receive $140 ($100 cash and a $40 Threadless gift certificate).

twitter tees pic

Currently, the price range is about $18, which is a great bargain for some great Twitter Tees with nice tweets and design along with your choice for the size, though there could have been more customization such as choice of colors and stuffs. Other than that, Twitter Tees by Threadless sounds like a great idea to me and we will be seeing more of such Twitter merchandise around as Twitter gets increasingly popular. So, are you getting your Twitter Tees? Comment and let us know!!


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