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Bing Goes Live: Does It Match Up To Google?

bingIn case you did not know, Bing is the new updated search engine by Mircosoft in an attempt to match up to Google’s search engine and has been buzzing around the blogosphere and the twittersphere for quite some time now. Just earlier today, Bing was launched and we had the pleasure to give it a quick test run to see how does it measures up to Google. Here are our findings so far:

For the first search comparison, we tried “social media” and here are some interesting findings. Both show Wikipedia as the top result, which is supposedly the most relevant site for these terms. But compared to Google, Bing does not show other sources like videos and news results, which might be more useful. We are expecting that to change in the future hopefully.

And now for some simple maths — what is 2+1? Bing and Google apparently know simple maths so check on this feature.

And lastly, we tried out the generic term “blogs”, and we can see a bit more difference. Now Google show some ads and Google Blog Search is now the first result (bias?) On the other hand. Bing shows some related searches like Blog MSN and Create MSN Blog, which are really just weird suggestions on their part. And on the whole, Bing shows little or no ads — they may show be up somewhere a bit later when Bing gets out to the general web. And finally our verdict: Bing is still not a good match against Google but it has walked out of the shadow of its former identity and we are sure Bing will be improving over time so watch out for its name for years to come!! Be sure to try out Bing and let us know what you think!!


10 thoughts on “Bing Goes Live: Does It Match Up To Google?

  1. Thanks very much for this post. The question you asked in title ‘Does it match up to Google’? The answer for now is: no – it doesn’t matter. But given the chance and time, it will eventually get there.

    I think it was time some competition came on the market. The strong hold that Google has on all of us is not good for business.

    For example, if you are penalized for any offence by Google, you practically vanish from the web – you can’t be found on their result page. That should give you a taste of the evil that Google is.

    I personally welcome the competition.

    1. yep it’s true Google is still king. I too welcome competition. It’s not so good just letting one dominate too much of the search market 🙂

  2. I liked this comparison! In general, I guess that their results will not be much different from each other- they are supposed to show us the true answers, aren’t they?
    Moreover,as you showed, I’m sure that advertising and self-promotion will play an important role in this game.

    P.S. So far, only Google knows the “answer to life, the universe, and everything”! (Ok, Microsoft has never been known for its sense of humor…)

    Antonio Henriques

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