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Google Wave Makes A Tsunami But We Have Yet To See It

google waveAll this talk about Google Wave on the web, more than enough to dim the upcoming Bing is making us and maybe you ask the question: what in the world is Google Wave?? We want to know for sure too but truth is — we don’t quite know for sure. All Google has there are some feature pages and a sneak video (a long 1 hour 20 minutes video — you might need some popcorn ;)), so we won’t know if Google wave is good or bad for now. And if you are the type who don’t mind waiting, sign up on their waiting list for Google Wave while will be avaliable later this year or if you want to know more, Mashable managed to get a chance to try it out and we are dying for our chance too. With all that hype about Google Wave, let’s just hope that can last us through the year for the official launch of Google Wave. (about 6 more months to go)

google wave pic


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