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Jolicloud: The New Social Netbook OS Coming Soon

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jolicloudWe don’t usually cover stuffs that are related to tech gadgets much less uncommon gadgets like netbooks. But what made Jolicloud caught our eyes was its awesome social networking features and slick interface. From what we heard, it seems like you can install lots of social apps ranging from Facebook, YouTube to Flickr and Twitter. For now, Jolicloud is built on Linux and it is more of a social cloud computing netbook than a regular one. [TechCrunch has many pictures of Jolicloud in action and a full run-down review about Jolicloud after a chat with its creator] Here are some pictures taken from the Jolicloud’s Flickr stream and a video to show all its functions in action. Social + Netbook = Jolicloud — what could get any better than this?


Written by straw000

June 2, 2009 at 9:18 am

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  1. […] a comment » Ok, We have been looking very excited to the Jolicloud Social  OS which is set to launch soon — now there have been quite a lot of developments going on for […]

  2. […] Jolicloud: The New Social Netbook OS Coming Soon: Jolicloud is the name of the new social OS for netbooks launching soon and it’s pretty cool. Expect to see its name popping around soon. […]

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