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Archive for June 3rd, 2009

YouTube XL Launches: It’s Like A YouTube TV

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youtubeYou have gotta check this out — YouTube XL has just been launched and we have to say — it looks pretty impressive. Let’s just say YouTube XL is like a sleek DVD player and with its really big screen, we also have to say XL means “Xtra-Large”. Browsing though the latest videos is simple — the videos have been slotted neatly into categories liked “Top Rated” and “Most Viewed” so just click on any interesting video to start watching that video. And try zooming in for videos with HD quality for a greater “TV-feel”, plus, you might need some popcorn in hand when watching videos on YouTube XL. 😉

youtube xl pic

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June 3, 2009 at 6:21 pm

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Taking Over Twitter-Land: Ashton Now Has Over 2 Million Followers.

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twitterAshton Kutcher has done it again — he is now more than 2 million followers strong after just hitting a million followers a few months ago and we can only expect his followers to keep increasing. And the gap just keeps getting wider and wider –in comparison, TheEllenShow only has about 1.7 million followers and cnnbrk has lagged far behind the top users and is the 4th top most followed Twitter user now, Ashton is now king on Twitter. More updates on this once he hits 3 million users — and it won’t be too far from now.

PS: In case you did not know, we have a Twitter account @ allthatsnew so be sure to follow us for the latest updates!!

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June 3, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Watch Out Safari: New Opera 10 Goes Turbo

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operaWe really liked the new Safari 4 Beta that launched way back in February with its new interface and feature. Fast-forward that to June today and now we have a new version of Opera going live. Opera 10 Beta is the latest version of Opera and some of its new features include:

  • Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections
  • New visual tabs and sleek design
  • More customizable Speed Dial
  • Web integration
  • Resizable search field
  • 40% faster engine and cutting-edge Web standards support

To see whether it lived up to its name, we took it out for a quick test drive and here are our findings along with some screenshots:

Drag or double-click the tabs bar and you get a new slick tab bar with thumbnails on it — now that is one neat feature we want to see in Safari!!

Feed preview is surprisingly sweet and we love it loads. The new Speed Dial also boost a more customizable feature as well as the ability to add a background.

Opera 10 Beta is also more “browser-compliant” and has passed the Acid3 test. It is also a lot faster than usual with significant speed improvements. Plus, you can use Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections.

Overall, we got a very great experience using the bug-free Opera 10 Beta — its latest and innovative new features as well as its new interface along with its existing widgets features and mail feature is making it a very strong contender in the browser market and we can expect the final release to get a lot better Though Opera only occupies a small part of the browser market, we can see many that it will be gaining round against the bigger browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. Are the biggest browsers really the best browsers? After seeing Opera 10 Beta, we beg to differ.

Written by straw000

June 3, 2009 at 12:11 pm

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