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Digg This: Now You Can Digg Or Bury Ads

diggAre you ready to digg (or bury) some ads? Well, Digg is going to implement a new advertising platform called Digg Ads. Here is the gist on how it works exactly:

Digg Ads will give you more control over which advertisements are displayed on Digg. The more an ad is Dugg, the less the advertiser will have to pay. Conversely the more an ad is buried, the more the advertiser is charged, pricing it out of the system.

digg pic

It will be kicking start in about a few months time and when it begins, expect to see these ads appearing alongside the other Digg stories but they will be clearly marked as sponsored and may link to stories, video trailers, independent product reviews — pretty much the same as other Digg stories. This is clearly an attempt by Digg to find a suitable advertising model to that is both sustainable and profitable. We know that Reddit has been doing this for a long time and it has been working for them so far — so it might just work for Digg as well. We don’t really know the full details yet, but if you have any opinions on this like finding them distracting, be sure to comment and let us know.


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