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Jolicloud’s Website Goes Live: Now In Private Alpha

jolicloudOk, We have been looking very excited to the Jolicloud Social OS which is set to launch soon — now there have been quite a lot of developments going on for Jolicloud. Jolicloud’s website is now live with lots of changes and Jolicloud is now officially at private alpha stage and you would need an invitation code in order to download Jolicloud. We don’t really have much all the exact details on Jolicloud but it seems like Jolicloud can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux, and lots of netbook models are supported as well:

  • Acer- Aspire One, Aspire 150
  • Asus- Eee PC 700, 701SD, 900, 901, 904HD, 1000, 1000H, 1000HD, S101 / Eee Box B202 / Eee Top 1602
  • Compaq- Mini 700EF
  • Dell- Mini 9, Mini 10v
  • HP- Mini 1000
  • Intel- Classmate and derivated
  • Lenovo- S-10
  • MSI- Wind 100, Wind 120
  • Samsung- NC-10, N-310

Here are some pictures to show you what Jolicloud looks like, taken from the Jolicloud’s website. Jolicloud looks sweet and you can expect this to be the wannabe of all social addict around (like me ;)) — and to be grabbing Jolicloud once it launches officially. Until then, let the Jolicloud team iron out the final bugs before releasing Jolicloud for the prime time.


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