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Archive for June 15th, 2009

It’s Time To Get A Job At Reddit Jobs

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redditLooking for a job around and you are an avid reddit user? Then, reddit might just has the thing for you — introducing reddit job board. reddit job board is the latest new initiative by reddit for jobseekers to seek jobs and for employers to post jobs which is a pretty nifty addition. However, the rate for posting a job is $300 for 30 days which is pretty steep for any potential employers out there. So reddit has an offer for employers out there: get 50% off a job posting within the next 2 weeks by using this coupon code: Reddit. TechCrunch has an even better offer: the first 50 who use the code “TechCrunch” when listing a job on the site will get $175 off of the listing price. Other than that, reddit job board is a great idea — you can find jobs easily and vote up or down a job that you like or dislike, awesome or not — we will leave that for you to find out.

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Written by straw000

June 15, 2009 at 2:46 pm

Best Of The Web: Here Are Some Stuffs You Might Have Missed Out

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twitterIt’s time for the daily wrap-up here and we know it has been a busy week here, but there are lots of new stuffs and updates you don’t want to miss so here is the roundup of what’s happening around the web recently:

  1. Jolicloud: The New Social Netbook OS Coming Soon: Jolicloud is the name of the new social OS for netbooks launching soon and it’s pretty cool. Expect to see its name popping around soon.
  2. Even More Social: Twitter And Facebook Integration Coming To Xbox Live: Minor news but the Xbox just got a lot more social.
  3. Watch Out Safari: New Opera 10 Goes Turbo: Seriously, the new Opera 10 Beta rocks!! Loving it a lot so be sure to give it a try!!
  4. YouTube XL Launches: It’s Like A YouTube TV: YouTube TV, anyone??
  5. Google Chrome For Mac And Linux: Are We Supposed To Download it Yet??: Google launches Chrome for Mac and Linux but it’s really buggy.
  6. Digg This: Now You Can Digg Or Bury Ads: Digg + Ads = Digg Ads.
  7. Google Squared Organizes Search Results In Spreadsheet Form: Time for some Google Excel search results with Google Squared.
  8. Facebook Launches Vanity URLS For All Users: Facebook launches vanity URLs… oh wait, it has already been launched, have you gotten one yet?
  9. StumpleUpon Goes With Latest URL Shortener: StumpleUpon’s version of DiggBar —
  10. Jolicloud’s Website Goes Live: Now In Private Alpha: Even more developments on Jolicloud, the social OS.
  11. Twitter Launches Verified Accounts Beta: Are you a famous celebrity or person? Then, it’s time to get your account verified on Twitter!!
  12. Flickr Twitter Beta: Flickr Testing Twitter Integration Through Email Uploads: Flickr photos everywhere — now on Twitter.
  13. It’s Twitpocalypse Now: Twitter Clients Not Working: Oh now — its Twitpocalypse!! Are we going to make it? P.S: We did make it.
  14. Share Your Videos: YouTube Just Got More Social: It’s time YouTube got more social as well.
  15. Twitterrific Gets Fixed: Now On The App Store: Follow-up post to Getting Fixed: Twitterrific 2.0.2 Now On Its Way

Written by straw000

June 15, 2009 at 2:14 pm

Twitterrific Gets Fixed: Now On The App Store

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twitterrificWe just got wind of this — Twitterrific 2.0.2 for the iPhone is now available on the App Store and it has patch the bugs due to the Twitpocalypse that has caused it to stop working, so be sure to update your version of Twitterrific to the latest version right now. However, the Premium version is still undergoing approval and as a workaround for users of Twitterrific Premium, the team at Twitterrific has suggested that they can download the free version of Twitterrific for the time being. Meanwhile, most Twitter clients out there have mostly been patched and the Twitterverse in back in status quo again. Life at Twitter caries on as usual.


Written by straw000

June 15, 2009 at 1:39 pm

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