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Best Of The Web: Here Are Some Stuffs You Might Have Missed Out

twitterIt’s time for the daily wrap-up here and we know it has been a busy week here, but there are lots of new stuffs and updates you don’t want to miss so here is the roundup of what’s happening around the web recently:

  1. Jolicloud: The New Social Netbook OS Coming Soon: Jolicloud is the name of the new social OS for netbooks launching soon and it’s pretty cool. Expect to see its name popping around soon.
  2. Even More Social: Twitter And Facebook Integration Coming To Xbox Live: Minor news but the Xbox just got a lot more social.
  3. Watch Out Safari: New Opera 10 Goes Turbo: Seriously, the new Opera 10 Beta rocks!! Loving it a lot so be sure to give it a try!!
  4. YouTube XL Launches: It’s Like A YouTube TV: YouTube TV, anyone??
  5. Google Chrome For Mac And Linux: Are We Supposed To Download it Yet??: Google launches Chrome for Mac and Linux but it’s really buggy.
  6. Digg This: Now You Can Digg Or Bury Ads: Digg + Ads = Digg Ads.
  7. Google Squared Organizes Search Results In Spreadsheet Form: Time for some Google Excel search results with Google Squared.
  8. Facebook Launches Vanity URLS For All Users: Facebook launches vanity URLs… oh wait, it has already been launched, have you gotten one yet?
  9. StumpleUpon Goes With Latest URL Shortener: StumpleUpon’s version of DiggBar —
  10. Jolicloud’s Website Goes Live: Now In Private Alpha: Even more developments on Jolicloud, the social OS.
  11. Twitter Launches Verified Accounts Beta: Are you a famous celebrity or person? Then, it’s time to get your account verified on Twitter!!
  12. Flickr Twitter Beta: Flickr Testing Twitter Integration Through Email Uploads: Flickr photos everywhere — now on Twitter.
  13. It’s Twitpocalypse Now: Twitter Clients Not Working: Oh now — its Twitpocalypse!! Are we going to make it? P.S: We did make it.
  14. Share Your Videos: YouTube Just Got More Social: It’s time YouTube got more social as well.
  15. Twitterrific Gets Fixed: Now On The App Store: Follow-up post to Getting Fixed: Twitterrific 2.0.2 Now On Its Way

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