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It’s Time To Get A Job At Reddit Jobs

redditLooking for a job around and you are an avid reddit user? Then, reddit might just has the thing for you — introducing reddit job board. reddit job board is the latest new initiative by reddit for jobseekers to seek jobs and for employers to post jobs which is a pretty nifty addition. However, the rate for posting a job is $300 for 30 days which is pretty steep for any potential employers out there. So reddit has an offer for employers out there: get 50% off a job posting within the next 2 weeks by using this coupon code: Reddit. TechCrunch has an even better offer: the first 50 who use the code “TechCrunch” when listing a job on the site will get $175 off of the listing price. Other than that, reddit job board is a great idea — you can find jobs easily and vote up or down a job that you like or dislike, awesome or not — we will leave that for you to find out.

reddit jobs


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