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Opera Unite Redefines The Web Browser

operaOpera 10 Beta launched a while back with lots of new and innovative features and updates. Now the Opera team has got something new to show usOpera Unite. We do not know how to put Opera Unite in words — but it’s like a cross between the web and a web browser. Previously, if you want to share something, let’s say a video, you would most likely upload it on YouTube and then tell your friends the link to the video. Now, with Opera Unite, its takes out the middleman and make use of your browser as a sharing portal which is pretty nifty. Currently, some of the main features highlight include:

File Sharing
Securely share a file from your personal computer without waiting to upload it. First select the folder from which you would like to share files. Opera Unite then generates a direct URL to that folder. By giving that link to your friends, you can share files without routing through a third-party Web service.
Web Server
Run entire Web sites from your local computer with the Opera Unite Web Server. After selecting the folder containing your Web site, you can share and host it from the given Opera Unite URL. Opera Unite will automatically recognize index files and create the Web site as you designed it.

Media Player
Rock out wherever you are by accessing your MP3s and playlists from any machine. After selecting the folder containing your playlist, use the Opera Unite direct link to play your tracks directly in any modern Web browser.

Photo Sharing
Share your photos direct from your PC, without uploading them online. Once you select your photo folder, the photo-sharing service will create a thumbnail image gallery of your photos. Clicking the thumbnail will present the photo in its original resolution.

The Lounge
The Lounge is a self-contained chat service running on your computer. Your friends can access the chat room via the direct link, which will not require them to sign into any service. Depending on your privacy settings, you need only provide the generated password to your service in order for people to log in to your chatroom.

Post a note on your friends’ virtual refrigerators. By sharing the direct link to your refrigerator, you and your friends, family or colleagues can exchange notes securely and privately in real time.

opera unite
opera unite
Opera Unite is available in a special version of the Opera 10 desktop browser and will run within the browser and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The Opera team talks of more services to come in addition to the six basics services — we are very much looking forward to a Twitter or Facebook app or some sort.


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