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FriendFeed Subscribers Now Included In RSS Subscribers Stats

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friendfeedThe problem with existing RSS feed measurement services nowadays is that — there is never a best way to count all the RSS subscribers out there who have many many ways to subscribe to your RSS feed on apps like Twitter, Google Reader and many more. But now, FriendFeed the social aggregator might have just made the subscribers stats a bit closer to the actual values. From now onwards, FriendFeed subscribers counts will be included in the total RSS subscribers count. Now that is good if you also share your RSS content on your FriendFeed account, it makes measuring the RSS subscribers a whole lot easier. And with the widespread use of social networking and social bookmarking, stuffs get shared around so it’s pretty hard to get the actual RSS subscribers count right. But on a side-note, you should start subscribing to our blog by RSS or Twitter if you have not!!

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Google Books Rolls Out A Series Of New Features

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google booksHave you ever bought a book online? Chances are you might have used Google Books before and now Google Books has rolled out a series of updates you just might love. The main new features address some new updates like navigation of contents of the books and sharing of previews of the books. And this pretty much sums up a few things — Google books is turning into a mega online book store as well as some social service. We are anticipating more on such updates coming to other Google products. Here are the main highlights of the new features in Google Books:

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1. Embeds and links – This new toolbar option allows you to embed a preview of a full view or partner book in any of your websites or blogs–all with a simple html snippet. It’s a lot like the embed tag that makes it so easy to share YouTube videos. Programmers comfortable with API tools could accomplish this via our Embedded Viewer API, but this new solution is much easier for everyone to use. You can also choose to grab a URL link to email or IM to friends that takes them to the same book and page on Google Books. For readers, this means they can more easily share pages from books you love, while publisher partners can gain even more awareness across the web to promote their books.

2. Better search within each book – You’ve always been able to search inside books you find on Google Book Search. Now, for public domain and partner books, we’ve made it easier to see exactly where your search term appears within the book by showing you more context around the term, including an image from the part of the page on which it appears. You can click on those images to navigate directly to the pages inside the book. You can also sort your search results by relevance in addition to page order in the book or magazine.

In the search results bar, you’ll find ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons that allow you to browse through search hits quickly and easily.

3. Thumbnail view – Click on the thumbnail view button in the toolbar to see an overview of all the pages in a public domain book or in a magazine. Clicking on a thumbnail image will take you to that page in the reading view (available for “full view” books).

4. Contents drop-down menu – Above the book itself, you’ll find a Contents drop-down that allows you to jump to chapters within the book–or articles within a magazine. (In case you’re wondering, we built this using the same structure extraction technology that supports our mobile version of Google Books.)

5. Plain Text Mode – We’ve made it easier to find our plain text versions of public domain books. If a book is available in full view, you can click the ‘Plain text’ button in the toolbar to see our HTML version of the text (derived via OCR for full view books). This is especially useful for visually impaired Google users, who can use this format for text-to-speech and other types of software.

6. Page Turn Button and Animation – In addition to scrolling through the book, you can now also click the page turn button at the bottom of the screen, even if you haven’t yet finished the page. An animated line moves with the page turn to make it easier to keep track of your location in the text.

7. Improved Book Overview Page – On the Overview page you’ll find an assortment of useful data about the book, including reviews, ratings, summaries, related books, key words and phrases, references from the web, places mentioned in the book, publisher information, etc.

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Digg Toolbox: 60+ Awesome Digg Apps, Mash-Ups, Plugins And Services

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digg toolbox apps and mashupsLike Twitter, there are a lot of Digg apps and add-ons out there and since we also use Digg a lot, we have reviewed and compiled a great list of 60+ Awesome Digg Apps, Mash-Ups, Plugins And Services, If you liked this post, please go ahead and give it a little digg [we know you want to :D] or feel free to retweet it on Twitter and share this great list around!!

Apple Mac Desktop Digg Clients
digg apps toolbox

  • EventBox: We showed you this app before. EventBox is like a Friendfeed app for Mac in which you get updates from the various social networking services and update them at one go.
  • DiggUpdate: A menubar app that gives you quick access to the latest front page stories on the Digg homepage. Windows version also available for download.

Apple Mac Dashboard Digg Clients
digg apps toolbox

  • Dugg: A Digg widget for Mac OS X Desktop with a slick interface and search function.
  • Diggit Widget: Check this out!! Another great Digg widget for your Mac perfect for reading Digg posts!!
  • Social Responsibility: Another simple dashboard widget for your mac that lets you browse a variety of categories from Digg.
  • RSS Widget 3.1: This widget gets the latest headlines from every 15 minutes and displays them in a pleasant interface.
  • Digg Submission Widget: Submit stories directly to Digg using this great widget
  • Widget: Another neat Digg widget.
  • diggdash: Another Digg widget alternative with a minimal interface.
  • Digg News: Displays the latest news from and clicking on the news will launch it in your browser.
  • Digg Widget: Simple and easy Digg widget with a Digg theme and feel.
  • Feed Reader: A feed widget. Displays a custom feed, based on the search term (or topic) entered. Supports multiple instances
  • Digg Images Widget: “Digg Images” automatically finds the latest front-page stories submitted to containing photos, pictures and images.
  • Diggnation Video Widget 1.0: Watch the latest Diggnation video podcast with this cool dashboard widget.

Adobe AIR Clients (Cross-Platform, supports Windows, Mac and Linux)
digg apps toolbox

  • DiggTop: An awesome Adobe AIR Digg client that lets you view the latest digg stories and set up keywords and Digg count filters to track the stories you want.
  • Digg Reader: Read the latest stories from Digg right on your desktop.
  • Digg Desktop Widget; Another great Digg desktop alternative.
  • miniDigg: A widget that allows you to view and track stories

Mobile And iPod Touch/iPhone Applications

digg apps toolbox

  • Official Digg Mobile: The official de facto Digg mobile app from Digg.
  • Digg River: A very neat and streamlined mobile Digg interface. Browse topics easily and see the latest Digg posts in a compact and easy way. Login to start digging on the site as well using a quick Digg button.
  • Digg Mobile: A very awesome mobile phone Digg app that works on many devices like the Symbian, BlackBerry, Pocket PC, Android, Java (J2ME)!! Now you can share stories wherever you are- on the train or in a line at the grocery store.
  • Digg Mobile Beta: Another mobile Digg site alternative.
  • Digg Mobile By Original Signal: A very minimal Digg mobile site for quick loading on your mobile phone.
  • dgm8: Digg on your mobile phone
  • Popurls Digg mobile edition: Popurls has a quick mobile digg interface as well.
  • Skweezer Digg: A quick way to view the Digg homepage in a lightweight interface.
  • Digg Mobile: A quick hack using Google Web Toolkit to create a great Digg mobile site, with the choice of having images or no images. [add &_gwt_noimg=1 at the back of the URL for no images]
  • iStumble: iStumble is an iPod Touch/iPhone app that lets you stumble on the latest stuffs in social media, on Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious as well as rate them as well by logging into your accounts.
  • Diggle: Yet another Digg client on the iPhone.
  • Upcoming Digg: All the latest upcoming stories in one neat webpage.

Digg Browsing/Tracking/Visualizations Tools

digg apps toolbox

  • Digg Pics: Track the latest Digg pics and images as people digg and submit them on a fast-paced interface app from the Digg Labs
  • Digg Arc: Another great Digg interface from Digg Labs for visualizing the latest Digg activities. Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail people as they Digg stories across topics. Stories with more Diggs make thicker arcs.
  • Digg Big Spy: All the latest Digg headlines move down from the top down the list. Bigger headlines have more Digg and appear more as they get dugg.
  • Digg Stacks: Looks the best so far, Digg Stacks show the latest diggs occurring in real-time as diggs fall from above and stack up on popular stories, and more brightly-colored stories have more diggs. You can also click on a particular story to view its latest trends and recent activities. A really great way to track popular and cool stuffs as they get dugg.
  • Digg Swarm: Another great Digg visualization app that lest you see which stories have more digg as they get dugg.
  • Digg Friends Venn Diagram: Visualize your friend and fans in this quick Digg mashup.

Other Digg Stuffs And Mash-Ups

digg apps toolbox

  • Flock: A specialized browser for social networking lovers, Flock lets you have access to the latest updates in social services such as Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Flick and many more.
  • Digg Interface By Original Signal: Check this out: this is a really great interface to browsing all the latest Digg articles on one page with their categories sorted out neatly.
  • DiggView: See the latest promoted stories on Digg in one great page.
  • Twiggit: Let your Twitter followers know what you are digging through this great app.
  • Digg On Twitter: Now you can track the latest diggs through your Twitter account. Avaliable in many forms like Digg Homepage and Digg 2000.
  • Digg On Facebook: You can also share the latest stuffs from Digg on your Facebook through methods like Facebook Connect and Facebook Feed Import
  • DiggBar: DiggBar is the official Digg toolbar that enables you to Digg, read comments, find related content, and share stuff from any page on the Web, all in a quick and easy short URL form, making it easy to share it anywhere on your social services.
  • Digg Google Gadget: A slick Digg gadget on your personalized iGoogle.
  • Digg MySpace Widget: If you are still using MySpace, you can check out the latest Digg news from MySpace using this great widget!!
  • Google Digg Coop Module: Bring the power of Digg social news to your Google search results.
  • Netvibes Digg Widget: Add top Digg content to your netvibes page.

Digg Buttons, Icons And Generators

digg apps toolbox

  • Official Digg Widgets: Official widget from Digg with lots of customization.
  • Social Blog Badge: Link and direct your blog readers to your social profiles and services like Digg, Flickr and Delicious.
  • Flash Mini Digg Viewer: Latest news from Digg in a small flash container.
  • digg Widget: Another cool Digg widget from Spring Widgets.
  • digg widget: A wordpress plugin that displays your past 10 dugg stories and make it a widget
  • Digg Digg: Another great wordpress plugin that integrates “Digg Button” , “Reddit Me Button” , “Dzone Button” and “Yahoo Buzz Button” into your WordPress Content with loads of options.
  • Digg Button Generator: One of the best and nicest Digg button generator I have ever seen. Just fill in the forms and choose a button you like to start generating the Digg button.
  • Digg Generator: Generate many Digg buttons using this quick tool and grab the javascript to paste on your site to let others digg your post easily.
  • Digg Javascript Generator: Another great Javascript Digg generator alternative.
  • FastDigg: Digging the fast way using only your keyboards.
  • MySocialButtons [Digg]: A huge and wonderful collection of Digg buttons around the web.

More Digg Resources, Lists And Collections

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