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New Facebook Update: Alternate Names

facebookMaybe you have 2 names — both a English name and a name in another language, but Facebook previously only allowed you to use one of your names. However, Facebook is changing all that. Last week, Facebook added the ability for users to display such alternate names on Facebook. Now they are taking it a step ahead — now you can further choose to also display your alternate name so it is visible on your profile, in search results, in friend requests and on other places on the site. It also will appear in parenthesis alongside your primary name.

Also, “In addition to names in different languages, you may want to include an alternate name if you have a maiden name, a different married name or are otherwise known by more than one name. To enter an alternate name, go to your “Account Settings” page here. Check the box for displaying your alternate name if you also want it to be shown on the site.” This is a great feature as you can now connect with you buddies through a better identity in many languages — this is also a big step that Facebook is taking towards internationalization.


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