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Best Day Ever: Boxee Gets A Major Update

boxeeBoxee is one of the best freeware social media centre out there with social networking features and is cross-platform and works on platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as the Apple TV. With Boxee, you can have access to stuffs like MLB, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Flickr, Tumblr, Digg and many more. That is what Boxee is in summary and if you haven’t got Boxee yet or you want to know more, you can get it and read more about it at their site, This week, at their Boxee event in San Francisco, they have announced many updates to Boxee and here are these updates in summary:

#1 – Boxee for Windows: Well, Boxee has always been Mac and Linux only and now they are releasing a public alpha of boxee for Windows later this year.

#2 – Major League Baseball: Boxee is partnering up with MLB to offer live and on-demand in HD (where available). on top of that, MLB.TV Premium offers DVR functionality to pause and rewind a live game. Could be great for basketball fans.

#3 – New navigation layout: Boxee gets a layout makeover for a more user-friendly navigation.

#4 – Digg: You can now see what’s the latest and most popular videos on Digg. There are also plans on a new feature to enable you to digg stuff directly from Boxee.

#5 – Tumblr: Now you can stream music and view slideshows from Tumblr users you are following.

#6 – Current_: Boxee is partnering up with Current to produce a Current app for Boxee.

#7 – 1080p for Ubuntu running Nvidia: great for Ubuntu users. If you have Nvidia that supports VDPAU you will now be able to play HD videos (up to 1080p) utilizing Nvidia’s hardware acceleration for H264, MPEG2 and VC1.

#8 – Bug fixes: As always, bug fixes are important in an update.


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