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Facebook Launches Improved Privacy Control

facebookMost of you share stuffs like photos, videos and status updates on your Facebook, but up till this point, there was no way to control exactly who can have access to this content. Now Facebook is going a bit further to enable you to set how you can share these content with an updated privacy control which is in beta. Facebook gives a good detailed explanation on this:

You may have some posts you want to share with a wide audience, such as whom you voted for or how great the weather is today. Other times you may have more personal updates like your new phone number or an invitation to join you at your favorite restaurant for dinner that are meant for only close or nearby friends.

If you have access to this beta version, every time you publish content into your stream you are able to control which people can access that specific piece of content. After writing a status, uploading a photo or creating other content from the Publisher, use the lock icon in the lower-right corner of the Publisher to access the drop-down menu. From there, you can then choose to make the post visible to:
Everyone: Anyone, on or off, of Facebook can see it.

  • Friends and Networks: People you have confirmed as friends and people in any school or work networks that you’ve joined can see it.
  • Friends of Friends: Anyone who is friends with a friend of yours can see it.
  • Friends: Only people you have confirmed as friends can see it.
  • Custom: Choose any friend or Friend List to include or exclude from seeing that piece of content.

facebook control pic
Let’s say you want to let everyone know about a video you just watched recently, you can set it to “Everyone” but if you have a photo that you want to share with your friend, you can set it to “Friends” or “Custom” to choose who gets to see it. This updated privacy control lets users have greater control to who have access to stuffs thy share and we really like it a lot.


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