Facebook Instant Messenger – Chit Chat Review

It’s probably not that long ago since you sent your last instant message, but are you using Facebook Chat to send your instant messages?

You’ve probably used your instant messenger program for years, whether you’re ICQ user, MSN Messenger, Skype or – the even more niche Ga Ga user – you’ve probably used it for years like an old car without considering upgrading to something else.

Facebook, love it or hate it, is the most popular website on the planet. Indeed, it’s likely that you have all – and more – of your friends added onto your Facebook profile. With Facebook’s recent integration of its Facebook Chat service it’s more than likely that you have a more complete Facebook Chat list than you do of your instant messenger of old.

If you’re like me, you’ll consider using a new instant messenger – but detest the idea of instant messaging within your web-browser because you like to surf around the internet whilst chatting on your IM. Thankfully, there is an instant messenger entitled Chit Chat for Facebook that lets you use Facebook Chat on your desktop, like your instant messenger of old.

The Facebook download, Chit Chat boasts everything you’d expect from a modern chat messaging application – text formatting, conversation history and status alerts.

Download Chit Chat for Facebook

This post was written by Daniel Offer, a guest writer who created Chit Chat For Facebook.


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