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Animal Lover: 12+ Free Stunning/Gorgeous iPhone/iPod Touch Animals/Wildlife Wallpapers

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We received a great deal of responses for our previous wallpaper post 20+ Stunning Free iPod Touch/iPhone Wallpapers so we are doing a special series posts of really cute and stunning animals wallpapers for your iPod Touch/iPhone (all in high resolution!). Click on the links or pictures below to grab the wallpapers and sync them to your iPod Touch/iPhone and then set the picture you want as your wallpaper. Share it around and let everyone enjoy the joy!!

iphone animal wallpapers 1

  • Blue Eyes: A blue eye kitty shot up-close in really sharp details.

iphone animal wallpapers 2

  • Grey Cat: A grey cat lying on a mirrored surface shot in high resolution.

iphone animal wallpapers 2

  • Little Kitten: The eyes of this little kitty just melts your heart.

iphone animal wallpapers 4

  • Little Bunny: This is one the the uncommon picture of a wild bunny shot really close.

iphone animal wallpapers 5

iphone animal wallpapers 6

  • Kitten Rescue: This little kitten was rescued and it looks a bit scared.

iphone animal wallpapers 7

  • Husky: Wild husky with shiny blue eyes.

iphone animal wallpapers 8

  • Frog Kitty: One of our favorite: when frog meets kitty!

iphone animal wallpapers 9

  • Cute Kitten: a monochromatic wallpaper of a lazy kitty.

iphone animal wallpapers 10

  • White Kitten: Yet another black-and-white kitten in high resolution.

iphone animal wallpapers 11

iphone animal wallpapers 12

  • Puppy: One of the rare puppy wallpaper we found worth sharing.

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    December 20, 2010 at 2:15 pm

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