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Property Management Technology (Guest Post)

No matter the era, from the middle ages to the present, the leaders are the ones who are aware of and make use of the best technology of the times. For property managers, THE technology that leaders are making use of now is the internet. Nearly every property manager is up to date with the computer age. It is common practice to make use of a variety of software technologies to track reservations, accounting, or housekeeping schedules. Nearly every property manager is familiar with one or more of these technologies.

What many of these software technologies have in common is that they are installed on the management company’s computers, that they were written by separate developers who likely did not communicate with each other during the writing process and they mostly like do not work in tandem with each other. This makes the use of computer technology a complicated process for most property managers who are not gifted in the art of making separate software programs work well with each other.

This is where Streamline Property Management Software comes into play. Making use of both software and internet technology is Streamline’s strongest asset. Streamline marries internet technologies to property management software in a way that simplifies and streamlines all the programs.

Property managers depend on programs that allow them to make and track reservations, pay owners, schedule maintenance and keep track of the accounting for a property. The Streamline Property Software programs bring all of those programs and many other features together with the same software technology.

VBRO, Homeaway, Flipkey are three of the most used reservation generators on the internet. These technologies allow people who are looking for a vacation rental at a hotel, resort, or time share to find and make reservations for available rentals in their area. Streamline is fully compatible with these technologies.

Websites are another primary way to generate reservations. Most people start their search for property on the internet. To capture this traffic many owners and resorts use WordPress based sites to advertise their properties. Streamline Property Management Software has a simple plug in to capture reservations and payments on WordPress sites. Other tools are available for other types of sites.

For the last twenty years the companies that grew and thrived have been the companies that stayed abreast of the latest computer and internet technologies. The latest trend is to online technologies. Moving programs that companies depend on to the internet brings many benefits. People no longer have to have powerful computers capable of managing the complex tasks. These computers are owned by the companies providing the technology services. Moving to an online technology, making use of “the cloud”, expands the storage capacity of a management company beyond the limits of the computers that a company is able to own. Updates to software are frequent and automatic. The programs are accessible to anyone with a computer and internet access so managers can manage from anywhere in the world. These are just a few of the benefits of moving to an online software program system.

Streamline Property Management Software makes the use of management technology easy by integrating both the internet and the software programs that property managers use. In addition, Streamline makes the technology easy to use by integrating accounting, reservation, owner payment, and maintenance and housekeeping programs into one easy to use, user friendly program.


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