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PicoPC Is An Amazingly Tiny Desktop PC That You Can Fit Right In Your Pocket!

Pantera Pico PC is an amazingly small desktop PC that is so tiny that it fits right in your pocket. What we love about this mini PC is that it is a full-featured PC that just happens to be really really small. Here are the list of features that it has:

Ultra small form factor desktop computer, easily fits most bags

Far lighter than a desktop tower PC

Windows and Linux compatible

Perfect for office or for work-from-home setups

It’s an all-around home entertainment center

It’s Windows 11 ready

User-expandable storage

More USB ports than the competition

Ultra silent active cooling system

Large 360-degree LED power indicator

4K UHD video output

Works as a game center

Be sure to check out this Pantera Pico PC and let us know what you think.


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