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8 Things to Look for in Backup Software

Choosing the right backup software requires striking a delicate balance between what your company needs now –  and what it will need in the future. In order to do this, you’ll need to find a solution that offers customizable management and reporting features, as well as a number of other functions that can grow with your… Continue reading 8 Things to Look for in Backup Software

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Property Management Technology (Guest Post)

No matter the era, from the middle ages to the present, the leaders are the ones who are aware of and make use of the best technology of the times. For property managers, THE technology that leaders are making use of now is the internet. Nearly every property manager is up to date with the… Continue reading Property Management Technology (Guest Post)

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Downloading at Warp Speed with Usenet

        We’ve all been there.  Waiting and waiting for a download to finish. It doesn’t make sense.  You have a 10MB Internet connection, so why is your download sputtering along at 103 Kbps? The good news is that you don’t have to waste any more time waiting for Internet downloads.  With Usenet, you… Continue reading Downloading at Warp Speed with Usenet

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Fluther Teams Joins Twitter

Twitter is a growing start-up and it needs talent. That's why they have recently acquired the team at Fluther, Inc. As you may know, Fluther is a Q & A community site and this might be in line with Twitter's strategy. With the Fluther team on board, expect to see changes at Twitter soon. So… Continue reading Fluther Teams Joins Twitter

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Many New Apps Now At Google Labs

Google Labs is always hard at working churning new and innovative app made by Google employees in their 20% time. And this time, there's a whole flurry of apps that you just might be interested in. They have recently announced some really cool apps that just might get your attention. Try them while they are… Continue reading Many New Apps Now At Google Labs

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StumbleUpon On The Go Get An Update

Lots of us are always on the go and StumbleUpon understands that. That's why they have improved upon the StumpleUpon experience for mobile users. If you love being on the go, you will love this. Hop over to their blog to have a look at the full details.  

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G For Green: How Google Goes Green

As we approach a new year of 2011, Google has posted a blog post on how it went green in the year 2010. It is interesting to see how committed Google to going green and it is implied that we can see more efforts by Google to be even greener next year.

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MacRumors Buyer’s Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Smart Apple Buyer

Have you ever bought a new iPod Touch only to find out the following week that a new iPod Touch has been released? Yeah, we had it too so here's the solution, go to MacRumors Buyer's Guide. It's just simple and is based on observations of Apple product life cycle, no gimmicks involved. Basically each… Continue reading MacRumors Buyer’s Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Smart Apple Buyer

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Animal Lover: 12+ Free Stunning/Gorgeous iPhone/iPod Touch Animals/Wildlife Wallpapers

We received a great deal of responses for our previous wallpaper post 20+ Stunning Free iPod Touch/iPhone Wallpapers so we are doing a special series posts of really cute and stunning animals wallpapers for your iPod Touch/iPhone (all in high resolution!). Click on the links or pictures below to grab the wallpapers and sync them… Continue reading Animal Lover: 12+ Free Stunning/Gorgeous iPhone/iPod Touch Animals/Wildlife Wallpapers