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TweetDeck Desktop Gets An Update

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tweetdeck desktopAlong with the release of the new TweetDeck for iPhone, the Tweetdeck Team is also releasing a new version of their Tweetdeck Desktop. Some of the mains highlights in the new version include the following:

  • Sync – you can automatically synchronise TweetDeck between your desktop and iPhone, making it really simple to import your columns and groups so you can be up and running on iPhone in a matter of minutes – no reinventing the wheel. Sync works in the background so whenever you change a group or add a new search column it’s updated and available on all your computers and your iPhone. This also means that everything can be backed up in case your computer ever crashes.
  • Multiple account support – you can now have multiple accounts with no need to switch between them. Whether you’re on the desktop or iPhone we’ve made it simple to see all your columns, for all your accounts and tweet from any account or even cross-post tweets to numerous Twitter accounts at the same time.
  • Unlimited columns – you’ll be happy to hear that you can now have as many columns as you’d like on TweetDeck. No more 10 columns limit, now the sky’s the limit.
  • Local trends – rather than only being able to see what’s trending on Twitter as a whole, with local trends, you can now see what’s hot among your own friends and colleagues. You’ll be able to run local trends on any of your columns in TweetDeck.


Here’s a quick list of everything else that you can expect to see in the new desktop version:

  • Conversation window – View an entire dialogue all at once.
  • Video playback – Watch Qik or 12seconds video clips from the comfort of TweetDeck.
  • New ‘Block & Report Spam’ button – Just one click will delete the message from view, block the user and report them to Twitter.
  • TweetDeck Recommends column – Find new and interesting people to follow whether you’re a Twitter newbie or a veteran of the Twitterverse.
  • ‘Reply All’ – Tweet everyone mentioned in a tweet in just a couple of clicks.
  • YFrog – Share and preview YFrog photos inside TweetDeck.
  • Smart filter – Start typing a username to find a person and add them to a group quickly and easily.
  • RE (In reference to) tweets – Easily comment on a discussion.

Now that’s a lot of mouthful — be sure to download it and try it out yourself!!

Written by straw000

June 17, 2009 at 3:26 am

Seesmic Desktop Updated: Now With Facebook Integration [Awesome As Usual]

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Remember the time we told you about Seesmic Desktop, a new Twitter client that had been launched a while back? Today, Seesmic Desktop has released a new version with better features and improvements, among which includes Facebook integration, one of the main update which we told you before. We have a list of new features and a picture shown below, taken from the Seesmic Desktop blog.

  • Facebook Integration (yes, we’re pretty excited, too!)
  • Following and Unfollowing Twitter users
  • Fonts enlarged by 1 point.
  • Updated user interface for easier viewing
  • Ability to “Favorite” tweets and “Like” Facebook posts
  • Allowing to rename the account from the configuration window
  • Clearing the timeline from a “USERLIST” with the “CLEAR” button
  • Various bug fixes (for Mac and Windows) thanks to your huge feedback – Bug fixes include:
    • webcam snapshot tool when opening
    • ensuring userlists and searches are saved
    • correcting various actions when Seesmic Desktop window is closed and reopened
  • various validation messages (url validation for short url, credential validation to share images)


Seesmic Desktop is now pretty much on its way to being a wonderful and ideal Adobe AIR social software client, competing against the older and popular Twitter clients like Twhirl and Tweetdeck for usage among users- competition can only get tougher now. We will be keeping tab on Seesmic Desktop’s latest developments.

Written by straw000

May 3, 2009 at 5:02 am

New Twitter AIR Client: Seesmic Desktop Looks Stunning

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Seesmic DesktopWe have covered and reviewed quite a few Twitter clients before. Today, Seesmic introduced a new Twitter client that is powered by Adobe AIR. Currently, the Twitter AIR area is filled with many clients ranging from the top apps such as Tweetdeck and Twhirl to other less known apps. As a start, Seesmic Desktop might appeal to heavy Twitter users with its features and slick interface. Users of Tweetdeck may find Seesmic Desktop to be slightly similar in terms of its organization and design.

Currently, it is a Twitter-only client but there may be plans to add other services like Facebook. You can manage multiple accounts as well as share pictures from the app. Seesmic Desktop is currently a preview release and they are still rooms for improvements but already it is proving to be a potential Tweetdeck replacement as seen from Twitter users. To check out Seesmic Desktop, just install Adobe AIR and join the Team Seesmic to download it. We will be keeping more updates on this app so comment and let us know what you think!! 😀

Written by straw000

April 8, 2009 at 3:10 pm

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