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Cloud storage comparisons: Pros and cons of each service

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Having now been introduced to Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Google’s Drive earlier this year, more and more of us are opting to store our e-files on the cloud. But which paid service is the best for what you want? Read on for an overview of each cloud storage service…

Apple iCloud

Applications support iCloud and synchronisation across all the user’s Apple devices, so this isn’t necessarily a cloud storage service in its own right – unless you’re an Apple customer.

Beware, though, because although it’s handy that syncing occurs automatically, this automation also means that documents you might not really want to entrust to the cloud might actually get shared to it – not great. And, as you’d expect, cross platform support is virtually non-existent.


This service carries the highest premium, but is also the most business centric. Offering a host of extra apps that are compatible with its service, its plans also include LDAP support and Active Directory.

Because this service works well across a number of platforms, any change in service policy from the bigger companies is less likely to affect your business much. On the other hand, now that free alternatives are emerging, watch out for companies like Box, who will need to alter their offerings if they’re going to compete.


Users can save a file to their Mac or PC’s Dropbox folder, which will automatically sync everywhere, even to iOS and Android mobile devices. The assimilation with Mac and Windows is great with this service, and it also offers fantastic apps on the supported mobile platforms – i.e. Android and Apple – no Windows Phone 7/8 yet. The downside with this one is that its security record isn’t flawless.


Egnyte’s service is user-friendly and offers comprehensive smartphone compatibility. Not only this, but it’s competitively priced and offers users a wide variety of pricing plans, as well as a number of access options.

While Egnyte isn’t necessarily the least expensive service around, users can be sure that their documents are safe, because Egnyte has one of the best security records in the industry. (

Google Drive

An extension of Google’s online office suite, this isn’t really an online storage service proper. And while it’s true that users can upsize storage capacity to 16TB, it’s likely that those with this need will stick with Drive instead of turning to a specialist company.

Unfortunately, users aren’t able to edit documents offline, and Google will, as it does with your Gmail, probably go through any data in the documents and use it as fodder for targeted advertising.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Much like that of Google’s Drive, SkyDrive’s service is mainly a support service to Microsoft’s other online apps. There’s no Android client, unfortunately, but documents are editable both on- and offline, which is handy.

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October 22, 2012 at 6:21 pm

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MacRumors Buyer’s Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Smart Apple Buyer

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macrumorsHave you ever bought a new iPod Touch only to find out the following week that a new iPod Touch has been released? Yeah, we had it too so here’s the solution, go to MacRumors Buyer’s Guide. It’s just simple and is based on observations of Apple product life cycle, no gimmicks involved.

Basically each Apple product, say an iPod will have a ‘buying’ rating — to buy or not to buy. Buy it while it’s new, wait when a  new one is coming. Personally, we love it and some people just swear by it. Go check it out if you have not!

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October 3, 2010 at 1:55 am

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Simply Amazing: 1 Billion Apps Downloads On The App Store

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Apple Billion AppsIt has been nine months since the App Store was launched by Apple to provide a platform to download the latest apps for iPod Touch/ iPhone users. Today would mark a giant milestone for Apple as they hit the billion apps downloads mark. Congratulations Apple for such a great achievement!! Be sure to check out the billion downloads page for the top paid and free apps downloaded so far. It would not take a long time for Apple to reach 5 billion downloads with the exponential growth of the iPod Touch/iPhone usage and we will be keeping you with updates on this.

In addition, we also have a whole lot of cool iPod Touch/iPhone related lists you might want to check out:

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April 24, 2009 at 9:33 am

Safari 4 Beta Released: Blazing Fast And Packed WIth Lots Of New Features

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safari-4-beta-1Apple has just released the new Safari 4 Beta and from the look of it, it is working really great and is packed with lots of new features and is significantly faster than the pervious version of Safari. Here is a list of their main new feature. [Full list here]

  • Top Site: Similar to Opera’s Dial-up that lets you view your favorite sites at a glance.
  • Cover Flow: Cover Flow for your bookmarks and browsing history.
  • Full History Search And Search Suggestions: Site history and  search suggestions improvement.
  • Tabs On Top: Pretty new interface feature similar to Google Chrome.
  • Nitro Engine: Safari is a lot faster with the new Javascript engine.

So far, we like the new Safari a lot and have found no problems with the app though it is a beta. In summary, Safari 4 Beta has a nicer interface, has more features and is a lot faster, so be sure to go check it out. Feel free to subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS or comment and let us know what you think of this post!! D

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February 25, 2009 at 10:28 am

16+ Most Must-Have Free Excellent Apple Mac Apps Ever

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mac-appWe use our computer everyday and there are some applications that we will get to use very often. In this post, we will show you 15+ must-have free smashing applications and softwares for your Apple Mac that we have found and tested out (not in order of merit).

  1. NetNewsWire: A really amazing browser-based RSS reader that has a neat interface and cool functions.
  2. Adium: A must-have multi-protocol IM client for your Mac.
  3. AppFresh: A software updater that manages all your softwares updates from one place.
  4. Quicksilver: A productivity application to enhance your workflow with shortcuts.
  5. Growl: Elegant notifications system application.
  6. Transmission: Free light-weight BitTorrent P2P client, a must-have application for your Mac.
  7. AppCleaner: Uninstall an application completely and easily.
  8. Cyberduck: Awesome FTP and SFTP client for your Mac.
  9. Camino: An internet  browser with a slick interface for your browsing needs.
  10. Colloquy: IRC client for your IRC chat needs.
  11. LiteIcon: Made by the same developer that made AppCleaner that changes icons on your Apple Mac.
  12. TextWrangler: Powerful general purpose text editor for your Mac.
  13. iStat Menus: Monitor your computer stats using this nifty tool.
  14. The Unarchiver: Cool app to extract and unarchive lots of  file formats.
  15. Skitch: We showed you this wonderful screenshot application in our previous post.
  16. VirtueDesktops: Awesome virtual desktop manager for multi-tasking.

That is all for the 15+ Most Must-Have Free Excellent Apple Mac Apps Ever. You might want to read our previous posts such as 20+ Stunning Free iPod Touch/iPhone Wallpapers and 8 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever . Feel free to comment or subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS!! 😀

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January 28, 2009 at 2:47 am

uApp: Uninstall And Get Rid Of Application Files Completely

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uapp-12Installing applications and softwares on a Mac is easy, which is a quick drag-and-drop process. Uninstalling them might seems the same as dropping it in the Thrash but lots of files such as log files and caches and preferences files are left on your computer. uApp is a freeware that uninstall the applications you want completely and easily.



When you first open uApp, it will prompt you to add an application to it. So just drop an application you want to uninstall and it will bring up a list of files you should delete as well. Check the files you want to delete and you can be sure you will not find a trace of that application again. Simple as that.

On a quick note, uApp is not under any more active development so I will be reviewing more active Mac software uninstaller next time!! Comment and let me know some uninstaller that you use!! 😀

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January 22, 2009 at 6:04 pm

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