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Boxee Announces Dev Challenge Winners

This week's Boxee event at San Francisco has been pretty successful and Boxee has announced a major update to its Boxee software such as a Windows version of Boxee in testing. At this week's event, it has also announced the winners for its Dev Challenge and here are the winners below. Congratulations to the following… Continue reading Boxee Announces Dev Challenge Winners

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Tumblr Now Coming To Your TV

OK, you knew this was coming -- Tumblr was coming to your TV as announced by Boxee but Tumblr has made an official post and its pretty cool on what your TV can do for you for your social networking. Here's a large picture on what's on it -- music and slideshow. Love it or… Continue reading Tumblr Now Coming To Your TV

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Best Day Ever: Boxee Gets A Major Update

Boxee is one of the best freeware social media centre out there with social networking features and is cross-platform and works on platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as the Apple TV. With Boxee, you can have access to stuffs like MLB, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Flickr, Tumblr, Digg and many more. That is… Continue reading Best Day Ever: Boxee Gets A Major Update