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Ultimate iPod Touch/iPhone Games Toolbox: 75+ Free Must-Have Games Of All Time

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We know we have been doing many lists of free iPod Touch/iPhone games for quite a while such as 12+ Free Thinking iPod Touch/iPhone Puzzle Games Worth Playing and Top 10+ Most Free Smashing iPod Touch/iPhone Shooting/FPS Games Ever but these lists are occasional and pretty scattered, so in the end, we took some time to compile the games together into one big list so that you could see them all at one go. And we have it: the ultimate iPod Touch/iPhone games toolbox containing over 75+ games, all neatly sorted out into many categories. Be sure to spread this list around by giving this post a little digg [we know you want to :D] or retweet it on Twitter!!

Tycoon Strategy/Task Accomplishment Games

  • Airport Mania: First Flight Lite: Get your chance to be an airport controller as you try to juggle between landing airplanes, unloading them and taking airplanes off in this many fun-filled levels in this game.


  • Armado Lite: A 3-D game in which you are supposed to collect as much rings and get rid as many enemies as possible while collecting level-up powers and avoiding obstacles.
  • Bounce On Lite: Help the red ball reach the end of a level by avoiding enemies and obstacles as well as making use of special powers.
  • Build-a-lot Lite: Just another fun-filled building game.
  • Chocolate Shop Frenzy: Get into a frenzy as a chocolate shop owner.
  • Cooking Mama Lite: Learn how to cook in this free cooking game.
  • Crazy Penguin Catapult Free: Use a group of penguins and try to catapult the to victory against a group of evil polar bears.
  • Crystal Defenders Lite: Block off the exit of monsters as you place heros along their paths.
  • Diamonds islands Free: Save an island as you try to collect all the diamonds as fast as possible.
  • Fish Tycoon Lite: Rear, breed and sell fish as you try and be a fish tycoon is this game that continues running even in real life.
  • Fruit Juice Tycoon: Be a fruit juice tycoon in this cool game.
  • Gold Rush Lite: Lay out the tracks for the train as it collects gold and goes back to the station in a short time limit.

lemonade tycoon

  • Lemonade Tycoon: One of the best free tycoon game in which you sell lemonade to try and earn as much profit as possible.
  • Magnetic Joe: You are a magnetic ball who has to avoid many obstacles in this games with many tough and awesome levels.
  • Super Monkey Ball Lite: Collect as many items and reach the exit before the time runs out.
  • RhinoBall: Roll your way out to Bolt in this game based on a cartoon movie.

Shooting/FPS Games

  • Asteroid Assault: An old-school spaceship shooting game in which you try to defend yourself against enemies as long as possible while collecting “shields” to protect yourself.
  • Blue Skies Lite: Drive a helicopter around as you shoot as many enemies as possible without getting shot.
  • Choppy Free: Play as a cute round-shapped character with a flying propeller cap going around shooting enemies and gaining power-ups.


  • Cube: Best FPS game ever, Cube allows you to shoot monsters with many weapons and power-ups in a great 3-D game while trying to avoid getting killed. Many levels and lots of customization included.
  • Duck Shoot By Carnival Labs: Very addictive shooting game in which you shoot ducks as if you were at a carnival.
  • HeavyMach Lite: Awesome tank shooting games with many weapons and power-ups.
  • iSniper Lite: Snipe as many enemies as possible without losing your accuracy as a sniper.
  • iShoot Lite: Aim and shoot accurately to survive in this fun-filled game.

space deadbeef

Car Racing Games


  • Fastlane Street Racing Lite: An awesome racing game with a slick interface and stunning effects such as “drifts”
  • Burning Tires 3D Lite: Race against other cars in this tough car racing game as you try to edge them out without burning your tires.
  • Cube Runner: Try and drive a car around in this tough game.

Puzzle/Thinking Games

aurora feint

  • Aurora Feint Lite: A fun-filled game in which you try to destroy as many blocks as possible in a given time.
  • Bike Or Die 2- Lite Edition: Bike Or Die literally, this game is quite challenging as you try to reach your target without failing and crashing using just a few basic controls. May seem difficult but this is a mostly thinking game.
  • Black And White: A great Othello game.
  • Tetsuki: If you like “Wei-Qi”, you will like this great game.
  • Brain Toot Free: Test your brain out in this thinking game.
  • Brain Tuner: Yet another speed-thinking game as you solve as many questions as possible.
  • Catcha Mouse: Best thinking an most difficult game ever, Catcha Mouse wants you to catch a mouse by trapping it with mousetraps before it can escape. available in easy, medium and hard mode with at least 50 levels.
  • Chess O: Thinking about chess? Now you can play chess on your iPod Touch/iPhone with Chess O.
  • Dynamate: Very tough game in which you try to remove all the colored balls in as few moves as possible while avoiding obstacles at the same time.
  • Chess Free: Yet another free chess game alternative.


  • JellyCar: This game is a funny game with many levels in which you control a jelly car around to avoid obstacles while having the ability to inflate or shrink.
  • Labyrinth Lite Edition: This game is very realistic as you try to move a ball around using the accelerometer of your iPod Touch/iPhone through tilting it.
  • Mahjong Fairyland Lite: Play mahjong on your iPod Touch/iPhone whenever you are on the go.
  • Memory Match: Test your memory as you try and match card pairs together.
  • Monster Typer Free: How good are you are you with your iPod Touch/iPhone keypad? Test out your skills by shooting monsters through typing.
  • Rolando Lite: Get these cute characters out using your amazing finger and tilt.
  • TapDefence: Defend your tower against invading monsters.
  • teeney Checkers Free: Free checkers on your iPod Touch/iPhone.
  • Tiki Towers Lite: Guide these monkeys to safety as you build towers made entirely out of sticks.
  • Topple: Stack as much blocks as possible of different shapes and sizes before they topple.
  • Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D Free: How far can you stack these tower blocks before they collapse?


  • Trace: Trace a path out for your character as he avoids obstacles and moves to his target in this game filled with many stunning levels and difficulties.
  • Virtual Villagers 2 Lite: Help this village to find food and complete tasks to ensure their survival in this game that runs in real-time.
  • ZoneOut Lite: Zone out as much space as you can while avoiding enemies and getting power-ups.
  • 3D Brick Breaker Revolution Free: Awesome 3-D brick breaker game with cool stunning effects and power-ups.
  • 7 Cities TD Lite: Defend your cities against enemy ships by building weapons and upgrading them.

Music Games

tap tap revenge

  • Tap Tap Revenge: Tap your finger to the beat in this awesome game that is similar to Guitar Hero. Many levels included and additional levels can be download via your Wifi connection.
  • Tap Tap Revenge 2: Get more of Tap Tap Revenge in its great second version.
  • Congo Drum Mania- iBabalu LITE: Beat your drum to the beat in this insane and tough music game.
  • Aero Guitar Free: Rock your guitar out in this great music game.
  • iDance Lite: Dance to the beat in this awesome dance game.

Photo-Hunt Games


  • ESPN Cameraman: Try as spot as many differences as possible in this cool photohunt game filled with many levels of sports pictures from the ESPN.
  • Photo Play: Find it! Free: Yet another free photohunt game.
  • Picture Hunt Mania: Elegance: Another great photohunt game for your delight.

Pet Simulation Games

  • iFluff: A cute pet game in which you try to feed and maintain a pet that changes in real-time.


  • iPuppy Lite: Love a puppy? Now you can have a puppy on your iPod Touch/iPhone without all the hassle.
  • SuperPoke! Pets: Pets which love a little poke now and then.

Sports Games

  • iBaseball: Test out your baseball skills in this Wii-like game as you either throw or bat a ball.


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May 10, 2009 at 11:31 am

3+ Ultimate Free Smashing iPod Touch/iPhone Car Racing Games Of All Time

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free-itouch-gamesWe love the iPod Touch/iPhone as a great gaming gadget. What better way to make use of its cool accelerometer other than some car racing games-  playing in a high-speed game against 4-5 other cars in a race to reach the finishing line first? In this post, we will show you some free and smashing iPod Touch/iPhone car racing games that are exciting and packed with all the actions you need. Be sure to scroll down and check out more free games at the bottom of this post.

  1. Fastlane Street Racing Lite: We totally recommend this game: a 3-D competitive car racing game with smooth actions and excellent graphics as well as instant replay.
  2. Burning Tires 3D Lite: Another free racing game that we like that is not too easy but not to difficult to win either.
  3. Audi A4 Driving Challenge: Test your skills with your accelerometer in this game packed with many levels.
  4. JellyCar (Bonus): Not a car racing game but more of a car puzzle game that is both fun and addictive.

Thats is all the games that we have for this post. Feel free to subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS or comment and let us know what you think of this post!! D And here is a list of some other free iPod Touch/iPhone games and stuffs that you might want to check out:

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February 20, 2009 at 5:18 pm

5 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever (#1)

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free-iphoneWe showed you 8 must-have addictive free iPod Touch/iPhone games a few days ago. Today,we will show you 5 more free must-have addictive iPod Touch/iPhone games. Clicking the links open the iTunes Store URL of the following free games.

  1. Touch Hockey: FS5 (FREE): A nice and cool air hockey where you hit the puck and try to hit into your opponent’s goal. Run a prompt asking you to buy their full versions and other games every now and then.
  2. Monster Typer Free: Practice your typing on your iPod Touch/iPhone in a fun way by killing alphabets monsters as you type.
  3. Topple: A fun stacking game that gets increasingly harder as you try to stack lots of blocks of different and funny shapes without toppling.
  4. iShoot Lite: This classic shooting games lets you testing your shooting and aiming skills by destroying your opponent using many kind of weapons.
  5. Burning Tires 3D Lite: Burn up your car tires in this 3-D fun car racing game using your accelerometer or touch screen as our race with other cars side-by-side in a bid to be the one who finishes the race first.

And that is about all the fun addicting game for this series of posts. Comment and let us know any fun and awesome games that you play or get our exclusive -up-to-date blog updates by email or RSS!! 😀

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January 26, 2009 at 4:00 am

8 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever (Part 2)

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ipod-gamesNow that we just shown you 4 fun iPod Touch/iPhone games, we are on to the next 4 free and fun addictive games in this series of posts. A usual, clicking the links below open the iTunes Store URL of the games.

  1. TapDefence: A really fun and amazing strategy game that test your wits and mind through preventing monsters from passing though a gate. Upgrade wisely and place your weapons carefully and it should not be a tough game for you.
  2. Space Deadbeef: 2-D aircraft shooting game that gets increasingly harder as you progresses through the levels. A must-have classic game for your iPod Touch/iPhone. 
  3. Fish Tycoon Lite: One of my personal favorite. This game is a desktop and online game but has also been ported to the iPod Touch/iPhone. It is basically a fish breeding management game that allows you to sell fish and to buy supplies in order to reach your goals.
  4. Aurora Feint The Beginning: A very challenging but fun puzzle game that puts your brain to the test. Slick animations and cool game-play also compliments the game too.

And that is about all the 8 must-have games for this week. From this week onwards, we will be featuring some free fun games and awesome apps every week so stay tuned for more iPod Touch/iPhone reviews by subscribing to us!! 😀

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January 24, 2009 at 5:03 am

8 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever

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free-gamesThe iPod Touch/iPhone is a great gadget and an awesome gaming device. Installing a game or app is also really simple. In this post, we will show you 8 free and addictive games that will give you plenty of fun and challenges for many hours.

  1. Tap Tap Revenge: Best free game ever. Similar to Guitar Hero and lets you tap the notes on your screen which is quite fun. And you can download more tracks online if you want to play more.
  2. JellyCar: A funny game that lets you maneuver a jelly car thought many obstacles to your target. The car can flip, does crazy stunts and even grow/shrink : )
  3. Trace: You are a stickman who has to find your way out and to do so you need to “trace” out your own paths and use your wits and agility to dodge and avoid dangers. 120 stages of this game will keep you occupied for months.
  4. Cameraman: A fun but tricky spot-the-differences photohunt game. The pictures are all based on sports pictures by ESPN and has is a super 73 levels time-waster.

Clicking the links will bring you to the iTunes Store for the games. Anyway, the rest of the games can be found at 8 Most Must-Have Free Addictive iPod Touch/iPhone Games Ever (Part 2). Meanwhile, let me know any other free and fun games that you play as well!! 😀

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January 23, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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