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TOSBack Tracks Changes Across 44 Terms Of Services

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tosbackRemember the outrage that occurred when Facebook secretly changed its Terms Of Services just months ago?? Now, there’s a solution to it As normal computer users, we don’t usually track change in lengthly TOS of social services that we use on a daily basis, so usually changes in TOS may go undetected and these changes may compromise our rights like privacy and safety. So TOSBack, the newly launched TOS tracker tracks changes across 44 website policies like Facebook, YouTube and Google. Anytime it detects a change in the policies, it will post an update to notify us of the changes in the policies, which is easy to see by comparing the old TOS and new TOS side-by-side. No more TOS woes — now this is a handy tool we all need.

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Written by straw000

June 5, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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