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Tumblr Directory: Yet Another Directory On Tumblr

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tumblrRemember the time when we told you about WeFollow way back, which is a user-powered Twitter directory to rank Twitter users based on categories. We have just learned that Tumblr has also launched a directory that is similar to WeFollow. But before, we get on that, here are some background info about Tumblr in case you do not know much about Tumblr: Tumblr is a social service that lets you post short blogs called tumblelog that usually consist of links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video in quick short posts with little or no commentary. Basically, you can see Tumblr as a cross between Twitter and a regular blog.

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Anyway, going on, Tumble has just launched its own version of directory called the Tumblr Directory which is entirely community-powered. You get to pick 3 tags to describe yourself and the directory will rank everyone by their “follower” counts. Sounds familiar? That is also the way that WeFollow works. But now Tumblr has something extra. You can also use the new Tumlarity stat to move forward up the list if your blog is considered interesting and popular at any time, but the list will be ever-changing with the rise and fall of new interesting blogs. What I feel is that Tumblr Directory can be seen as a great way to categorize the best and most interesting blogs out there is a quick and easy way but Mashable feels that this might turn out to be another popularity contest, so comment and let me know what you think.

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May 17, 2009 at 4:31 pm

WeFollow: Latest User-Powered Twitter Directory

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Twitter directories are places to search and find new Twitter users to follow based on your own interests as well as see top Twitter users in a particular niche area. Currently, there are quite a few of these services around such as Twellow. If you are using these type of services, you might want to check out WeFollow, a latest user-generated Twitter directory.

WeFollow is the latest project by Digg founder, Kevin Rose. The purpose of WeFollow is simple: it attempts to displays and categorize Twitter users according to tags and hence enable Twitter users to find out more about Twitters users in a particular tags users a clean and streamlined interface. Also there is a sidebar with a link to add yourself to the list with your own tags, by tweeting a reply to FollowMe.

Already, the list is very huge and there are Top Twitter users on the list such as cnnbrk and BarrackObama and we predict that the list will gets very large as more Twitter users are on the list. However, WeFollow might just be another Twitter popularity lists as we covered a while ago, but it can be quite fun as useful for new Twitter users and help us keep tab of the latest tweets across all the latest tags, so why not go have a try at it? Feel free to subscribe to our blog updates by email or RSS or comment and let us know what you think of this post!! D

Written by straw000

March 16, 2009 at 3:19 am

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