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Goodbye GeoCitites: Yahoo Closing GeoCities This Year

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yahoo-geocitiesYahoo! GeoCities is a web hosting service that has been around for a very long time now since it was created in the 90’s. After being popular for quite a long while from the late 1990s to the 20’s for almost a decade, Yahoo! GeoCities has been declining ever since with the advent of Web 2.0 and the use of blogging and social networking. Finally, it seems like Yahoo is putting an end to Yahoo! GeoCities and we will miss it. Yahoo! GeoCities was among the pioneer for making the web what it was today and helped to build community around people.


If you are a user of Yahoo! GeoCities, be sure to check out their Q & A for help if you want to know more about how to save your site data. It seems like all GeoCities accounts and web sites will be shutdown later this year and one great web service will then cease to exist. Comment and let us know what you think of this.

Written by straw000

April 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Q And A: Sure-Fire Sites To Getting Your Questions Answered

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yahoo-answersThere are usually times when you were not able to find  the answers to your questions that you wanted on Google. The solution to this problem is simple: Q And A sites. Q And A sites are basically sites where you can ask or search through millions of questions in order to get the answers you want. Today, we will review some awesome Q And A sites and compare them side-by-side.

  • Yahoo! Answers: Before going on other other sites to find an answer to your question, stop at Yahoo! Answers first. The site has lots of questions archived and you should be able to get a quick answer with a simple search. If not, just sign up for an account and start asking. The answers are quite prompt and the interface is sleek with a mix of social networking.
  • WikiAnswers: Your next stop should be WikiAnswers if you cannot find your answers on Yahoo! Answers. Unlike Yahoo! Answers, the answers can be edited by the users of the site and looks a lot more like a wiki.
  • Answerbag: Also another Q And A site that provides many answers though the interface is not as good as Yahoo! Answers. You can also rate the questions based on what you feel about the questions being asked.

Overall, Yahoo! Answers is my personal favorite and I have been using it for quite a while. Q And A sites are really good sites for looking for casual answers that might not otherwise be found on search engines. Which is your favorite Q And A sites? Drop us a comment and let us know or get our exclusive blog updates by email or RSS!! 😀

Written by straw000

January 24, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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