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StumpleUpon Now Avaliable For All

stumbleuponIt has been a while since StumpleUpon launched, a URL shortening servuce which was its latest initiative ti join in the URL shortening trend. It was in beta and only selected users has the chance to use it. Now it has recently released it to all all StumpleUpon users and some of the many features include:

  • URL-shortening.
  • Simultaneous posting to Twitter and FaceBook.
  • Ability to schedule your posts (we even recommend optimal times based on your previous posting activity).
  • Real-time stats on your posts (such as clicks, retweets, StumbleUpon traffic).
  • Every link launches Web Stumbling—making it easier to share and discover StumbleUpon content.
  • Advanced publisher tools like an API, bookmarklet for quick posting of your links, WordPress plugin and the option to get short URLs on your own domain.

And there you have it!! be sure to try out but you have to be a member first before using it and get back to us after giving it a spin.


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