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20+ Free And Stunning Icon Sets (Over 1500+ Free Icons)

free-iconsWe showed you 20+ Stunning Free iPod Touch/iPhone Wallpapers and 16+ Most Must-Have Free Excellent Apple Mac Apps Ever in the previous posts. In this post, we introduce you to 20+ icons sets (over 1500 icons) that are free, fresh and gorgeous. We downloaded, tested and rated these icons over the few days and we hope that you will download and try out all these awesome icons. Most of these icons are meant for Apple Mac users, but they can be used on the web or on a Microsoft Windows Computer.

  • Alumi: An awesome  set of a really huge collection of 77 Mac icons for the Dock, toolbar, applications folder and files with an aluminum feel.


  • Blend: Another set of gorgeous set of system replacement icons which are in black and white only.


  • Pure: Set of 113 stylish and marvelous icons for all your Mac customization.

  • Modern Times: Another must-have dazzling set of Modern icons.

  • SuMa 1: Glossy set of 3-D icons for Mac lovers.

  • AquaBlend: Really stunning set of 68 Aqua Mac icons.

  • Micro: 70 pretty icons with a light touch.

  • NOD: Colorful and excellent set of icons.

  • X-94: Dark black icons to darken your desktop experience.



  • Xpack: Astonishing set of icons pack.


  • Pixy Dust 1.0: 50 magical icons which have a pink and feminine touch.


To download the free icons, just click the links and you will be customizing and changing your icons in no time. And please tell us your favorite free icon sets or get our blog updates by email or RSS!! 😀


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