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Exclusive: Coveroo Review And Discount Code

Coveroo is one online service that creates custom covers and cases up to your own personal preferences and it supports many type of devices, such as Blackberry, iPhones and even iPad. Once you have selected a device you have, you get to choose a wide range of designs as well as a custom design if none of them suits you well.

After which you get to choose your favorite color and add some words. The process is simple and user-friendly and took just under 10 minutes. And their customer support is also there if you need any help. Plus, you can get 15% off your entire Coveroo order plus shipping using the coupon code HOTAUG15 (expires Aug 31) which the Coveroo team has kindly offered to the readers of this blog!!

Just a notice, we have received a Coveroo product at no charge to review and it will be shipped to us pretty soon, which we will give you a follow-up review once we receive it. Meanwhile, if any of you would like an extension when if expires, just comment and let me know and we will ask them for an extension. So go to Coveroo and grab it at a discounted price now!!


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