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Downloading at Warp Speed with Usenet





We’ve all been there.  Waiting and waiting for a download to finish.

It doesn’t make sense.  You have a 10MB Internet connection, so why is your download sputtering along at 103 Kbps?

The good news is that you don’t have to waste any more time waiting for Internet downloads.  With Usenet, you can download as fast as your Internet connection will allow.

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What does this mean?

It means that with a 10MB connection a 700MB file would take less than 10 minutes to download as opposed to more than 12 hours at 128Kbps.

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After downloading at these high speeds, you will never want to go back to the old way again.

Any good Usenet provider will give you access to their servers at uncapped speeds.  And the best providers will also include 256-bit encryption at no extra cost.

Usenet is a world-wide network of servers where users can upload and download posts and binary files.  When a post is uploaded to your Usenet server, it is quickly shared with all the other servers in the network.

It has been around since 1979 (10 years before the World Wide Web), and is now a massive storehouse of information.  You can find just about anything you are looking for there.

While Usenet has been around forever, it doesn’t look anything like it’s old self. 

It used to only be for university professors and tech geeks.  Today’s Usenet is bigger, faster and much easier to use.

It’s as simple as point, click and download.  And many providers offer a free trial, so you can test it out with nothing to lose.

If you like downloading, but don’t like waiting, Usenet may be just what you are looking for.

This post was written by Jared Scott, a guest writer and Manager of Public Outreach for Binverse.


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